Garlic Lovers Gift Bag/Gift Box
Garlic Lovers Gift Bag/Gift Box
Garlic Lovers Gift Bag/Gift Box
Garlic Lovers Gift Bag/Gift Box

    Garlic Lovers Gift Bag/Gift Box


      An assortment of our most popular garlic seasonings.  A garlic lovers dream!

      Included in White Gift Box:

      3.2 oz Jar Roasted Garlic Salt, 2.1 oz Jar California Garlic Pepper, 2.6 oz Jar Chopped Garlic, 1 oz Bag Parmesan Garlic Popcorn Seasoning, 1 oz Bag Black Garlic Salt, 1 oz Bag Rosemary Garlic Dip


      Roasted Garlic Salt - All natural sea salt infused with real roasted garlic. This is a much improved, very gourmet version of traditional garlic salt. The flavor is out of this world! Try on absolutely anything. 

      Ingredients: Salt, Roasted Garlic

      California Garlic Pepper - Savory, salty and a tiny bit sweet...a great addition to your favorite vegetables, pasta or meat. 

      Ingredients: Garlic, Salt, Black Pepper, Brown Sugar, Onion, Bell Pepper, Parsley

      Chopped Garlic- This versatile spice is used in essentially every type of cuisine. Great in butter, olive oil, curries, barbecues, with vegetables, meats and breads.

      Parmesan Garlic Popcorn Seasoning - Garlic and Parmesan...a match made in heaven!  Apply to hot popcorn!  Apply to hot popcorn.

      Ingredients: Parmesan Cheese ([part-skim milk, cheese culture, salt enzymes], whey, buttermilk solids, sodium phosphate, salt), Milk Powder, Salt, Garlic and Onion.

      Black Garlic Salt - Made from fermented garlic and kosher salt, this Black Garlic Salt has a sweet molasses and caramel flavor along with a strong roasted garlic flavor.  Try it on grilled vegetables, meat, seafood, french fries, mashed potatoes or even popcorn! 

      Ingredients: Sea Salt, Black Garlic

      Rosemary Garlic Dip - A simple and delightful Mediterranean dipping seasoning. Just add this to your favorite olive oil and enjoy!

      Ingredients: Garlic, Salt, Grains of Paradise, Rosemary