Old Town Spice Shop Wholesale Spices and Seasonings for Restaurants

Restaurants are fast-moving with thin margins — but you don't want to sacrifice quality for cost. That’s where we come in. Because we purchase directly from reputable importers and grind and blend our wholesale spices and seasonings in-house, we can provide the best quality product for a cost similar or better than all those large food distribution companies! Our prices, on average, are 30% lower than Shamrock, Sysco, and other brands. Keep reading to learn more about us, our process, and why we’re the best wholesale spice company you can trust for exceptional quality products and top-notch service!


Why Choose Old Town Spice Shop as Your Wholesale Spice Distributor?

At Old Town Spice Shop, our mission is to help restaurants streamline their services, ensure consistency, and keep food and labor costs low by providing high-quality wholesale spices and seasonings directly to our customers at competitive costs. As a top-rated spice supplier, we use only the best ingredients to create both standard and custom spice blends, which we proudly grind, process, and package in-house. We’re honored to partner with restaurants of all types and sizes, from small startups to large global companies — and we can’t wait to partner with you!  

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Top Quality Bulk Spice Quantities

Using our international connections, we exceed the quality of the mass-produced brands. We only use spices that meet our exacting standards, and will not hesitate to discontinue products if quality drops.


Big Wholesale Spice Savings

Pocket the additional margin that usually goes to food service spice vendors and warehouse clubs. On average, our customers save 30%, before the additional prep labor savings.


A Bulk Spice Supplier with Massive Selection

Our most popular items include a variety of herbs and spices like mustard seeds, nutmeg, vanilla beans, and saffron.


Lower Labor Costs

Eliminate prep time and get consistent spices and blends every time. When you partner with us, you and your team can spend more time focusing on guest satisfaction and less time worrying about labor costs.


Free Local Delivery and Competitive Shipping Prices

We provide free delivery along Colorado’s Front Range (Fort Collins, Windsor, Timnath, Longmont, Greeley), and ship in the U.S. to the Lower 48. For orders shipped we provide competitive shipping costs.


Product Development and Custom Spice Blending and Packaging

Let your expensive commercial spice grinder gather dust while you work with Old Town Spice Shop founder Sean Godbey to develop a custom spice blend, rub, or sauce exclusive to your concept. Private labeling and packing will add retail sales and drive up your average transaction amount.


Eliminate Inconsistency and Cross-Contamination

Our carefully selected, high-quality spices and seasonings are the perfect solution for eliminating inconsistency and cross-contamination in your restaurant's dishes. By using our ingredients, you can ensure that your meals are prepared to perfection every time, with the exact amount of spice and flavor your customers crave. Trust us, your team will thank you for saving them time and energy by eliminating one more recipe from their list to prep, spill, or mess up.


E-Commerce Assistance 

Lean on our experience and expand far beyond your brick-and-mortar retail. We have the design, packaging, and distribution experience necessary to stand out from the crowd.


Dedicated Production Facility

We’ve come a long way from our small storefront in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. Our modern 5,000-square-foot production facility houses tens of thousands of pounds of spices, marinades, coffees, and rubs from around the world. Our commercial grinder safely and efficiently blends our proprietary spice blends, as well as those of our wholesale spice customers to the highest industry standards.


Shelf-Stable Wholesale Spices and Seasonings

Most of our spices, blends, and rubs are self-stable, and our packaging ensures that the oxygen is left out, and flavor remains locked-in.


Partner With the Wholesale Spice Distributor You Can Trust

Finding a reliable bulk food distributor that can provide high-quality and cost-efficient products can be a daunting task — but look no further! We’re here to provide you with the best of both worlds, from hand-selected ingredients from reputable importers to in-house grinding, blending, and packaging of our wholesale spices and seasonings

At Old Town Spice Shop, we understand how important it is to exceed customer expectations — not just to survive, but also thrive! This is why we strive daily to remain your trusted source for wholesale spices and seasonings. Ready to start your order? Fill out the form below to become a wholesale customer, and start enjoying superb quality, exceptional service, and competitive prices — every time!

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Some of the restaurants we work with or have helped develop items for are:

  csu dining services   ginger and baker     krazy karls pizza   music city hot chicken      harbinger coffee        matador mexican grill        austins            big al's        comet chicken    moot house