Gourmet sugar has been in the culinary world for years but our sugars take it to the next level. We carry over a dozen essential cane sugars that are infused with flavors such as raspberry, cocoa, and habanero. These sweet treats are perfect for adding a little flair to baked goods, cocktails, coffee, or even your morning oatmeal. We also offer savory infusions, such as sweet onion sugar, which make great glazes on grilled meat. Our chili sugars make fantastic additions to any chocolate dessert, such as brownies or ice cream.

Browse our selection which includes habanero sugar, strawberry sugar, dark chocolate sugar, and more - order sugar online today! 

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Vanilla Bean Sugar

Magical Unicorn Sugar

Raspberry Sugar

Hibiscus Sugar

Lavender Sugar

Lemon Sugar

Blueberry Sugar

Spiced Chai Sugar

Rose Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar

Pumpkin Spice Sugar

Strawberry Sugar

Habanero Sugar

Toasted Coconut Sugar

Caramel Sugar

Cherry Sugar