We live in a town filled with craft breweries and delicious beer. At Old Town Spice Shop, we decided to take our passion for craft coffee and craft beer to make Hopped Up Coffee! We wanted to create something new for our coffee-loving customers to enjoy while being able to buy coffee beans locally.

We think there's no better way to start off a cold winter day than with a warm cup of coffee, with the added flavor of hops! Our coffee isn’t just your average roast. 

What Is Hopped Up Coffee?

Hopped Up Coffee is a single-origin coffee blended with various hops and malted barley to add the texture, sweetness, and body of various beer styles. We work with many local breweries, including New Belgium, Odell, Horse & Dragon, Purpose Brewing, DC Oakes, and others, to help create our line of unique flavors.

We started out with four different types of Hopped Up Coffee, including Chocolate StoutBlack IPA, Winter Warmer, and Scottish Ale. We also create seasonal coffees.  With numerous flavors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something you or a beer lover you know will enjoy!

Our Hopped Up Coffee has been so well loved, we thought, why not add a line of seasonings to mimic the flavors of craft beers?  Introducing Hopped Up Seasoning!  Try our Rauchbier Seasoning, Hazy IPA Seasoning, Irish Red Seasoning and Dunkel Seasoning.  If you love beer, you will love these delicious seasonings!

Hopped Up Coffee (10)

Hopped Up Coffee Sampler

Hopped Up Coffee Collection Gift Box

Chocolate Stout Coffee - Hopped Up Coffee

Hopped Up Coffee Combo Pack - Chocolate Stout and Black IPA

Hopped Up Coffee & Seasonings Gift Box

Lemon Wit - Hopped Up Coffee

Winter Warmer Coffee - Hopped Up Coffee

Scottish Ale Coffee - Hopped Up Coffee

Pumpkin Ale Coffee - Hopped Up Coffee

Black IPA Coffee - Hopped Up Coffee