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Welcome to Old Town Spice Shop, your go-to wholesale spice distributor for the best custom blended spices and seasonings! As a spice shop owner, you know that quality, consistency, and price are key factors in keeping your customers happy and your business profitable. That’s where we come in! ​​


We are the preferred choice for spice shops who want to get the best wholesale spices and seasonings blended, packaged, and shipped to your door to streamline their operation and keep operating costs down. Becoming a member is quick and easy — simply fill out the form, and start enjoying all the benefits of partnering with us for all your custom blending services. Keep reading to learn more about us, and click the link below to become a wholesale member today!


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Why Partner With OTSS Wholesale Spice Distributor

We pride ourselves on being committed to competitive prices, with wholesale prices designed to keep your costs down. Our prices, on average, are 30% lower than Shamrock, Sysco, Webstaurant, Spices Inc., and other brands. And don't worry — we don't skimp on quality! We purchase directly from 45+ reputable farmers and distributors from all over the world, and we grind and blend our wholesale spices and seasonings in-house just prior to shipping, ensuring the highest quality and freshest product for your customers.

Old Town Spice Shop partners with international spice farmers and distributors

Here are just a few more reasons why you should partner with us!

  • Competitive Prices Designed to Keep Your Costs Down
  • Massive Selection of the Highest Quality Spices and Seasonings
  • Free Local Delivery and Competitive Shipping Prices
  • Custom Spice Blending, Labeling, and Packaging
  • Eliminate Inconsistency and Cross-Contamination
  • Excellent E-Commerce Assistance
  • Dedicated State-of-the-Art Production Facility
  • Shelf-Stable Wholesale Spices and Seasonings
  • Friendly and Respectful Customer Care
  • 100% Commitment to Your Complete Satisfaction
Enjoy free local delivery and efficient shipping nationwide

Enjoy a Seamless Experience With Old Town Spice Shop

If you're a spice shop looking to provide your customers with delightful, flavorful blends that are freshly ground and beautifully packaged, then you've come to the right place. With over 400 unique spices and blends and 3,800 different SKUs, we offer a vast selection that isn't available to most local spice shops. To sweeten the deal, we can create custom blends and seasonings specific to your requirements, so you can offer something truly unique to your customers.


Retail-ready Spices and Seasonings

Our retail-ready spices and seasonings are beautifully packaged and ready for your customers to enjoy, typically priced at around $2.50 per jar without shipping, but this can vary depending on the ingredients. Not only does this save you money, but also the time and stress of coordinating with multiple vendors to get your customized jars, bags, labels, lids, and more on your shelf. 

Various sizes and styles for custom spice and seasoning blends

Wholesale Bulk Spices and Seasonings

As a spice shop owner and operator ourselves, we know how important it is to reduce costs wherever possible — without sacrificing quality, of course! We want to help your business grow and thrive, which is why we’re proud to offer the best wholesale bulk spices and seasonings online. In fact, on average, our customers save 30%, before the additional prep labor savings. You can’t beat that! And if you find something better, let’s talk!



Various spices and seasonings to highlight our co-packing and private labeling capabilities

Co-Packing and Private Labeling

If you're looking to streamline your operation, keep costs down, and save yourself time and money, we also offer co-packing and private labeling. Our custom spice blending and packaging services allow you to create your own brand while outsourcing the time-consuming and expensive part of product development. Let us bring your vision to life so you can focus on growing your business!


Our State-of-the-Art Production Facility

We understand that as a business owner, you need reliable consistency and optimal scalability, which is why we have a dedicated production facility that houses tens of thousands of pounds of spices, marinades, coffees, and rubs from around the world. Our commercial grinder safely and efficiently grinds ingredients, while our commercial ribbon blender mixes our proprietary spice blends with ease, as well as those of our wholesale spice customers to the highest industry standards.


Partner With Your Top-Rated Wholesale Spice Distributor

Are you ready to become a wholesale member and experience top-notch quality, exceptional service, and unbeatable prices? Simply fill out the form below and start enjoying all the benefits of partnering with Old Town Spice Shop for all of your custom blending needs! Click the link below to get started today!


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