With a history almost as old as spices, seasoned salt has been the main preserving agent for thousands of years. We carry more than 15 different natural salts with various flake sizes and flavors (did we mention bacon salt?), making them perfect to add a beautiful finish and texture to any dish. We also carry more than 25 salts that have been infused with different flavors. We have the right salt to add a unique flavor to almost any dish, whether you're looking for smoky applewood, fiery ghost pepper salt, or earthy rosemary salt.

Salt (45)

Ghost Pepper Salt

Gochujang Sea Salt

Habanero Salt

Hibiscus Salt

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

High Park Hot Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse

Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine

Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Lava Salt

Hop Salt

Jalapeno Salt

Kala Namak Black Salt

Kosher Flake Salt

Lemon Twist Salt

NOCO Beer Salt

Northwest Alder Smoked Salt