Restaurants are fast moving with thin margins. But you don't want to sacrifice quality for cost. That is where we come in. Because we purchase direct from Importers, grind and blend product in house we can provide the best quality product for a cost similar or better to all those large food distribution companies! Our prices are on average 30% lower than Shamrock, Sysco and the like brands. 

Old Town Spice Shop prides itself on the ability to be able to bring high quality ingredients, in house grinding/processing and packaging for our customers. We work with companies that are just starting, all the way up to global companies looking for the highest quality of spices for there retail and manufacturing purposes. 

So, are you looking to streamline your processes and minimize the amount of items you need to stock? We help restaurants ensure consistency across there staff and/or there different locations. We also help restaurants come up with there own proprietary seasoning to use in house. If you have a seasoning that you currently use or want to customize something more to your liking we are happy to help. Once you have a recipe in place we can package the product in a way that is best used for your situation. As well as packaging your product for retail sales if you have interest in one last touch with your customer!

Some of the restaurants we work with or have helped develop items for are:

  csu dining services   ginger and baker     krazy karls pizza   music city hot chicken      harbinger coffee        matador mexican grill        austins            big al's        comet chicken    moot house